Is Breastfeeding Still the Best for Baby?

In modern society, the popularity of breastfeeding has declined due to the demands of woman’s careers. There is a higher instance of breastfeeding among educated women but the introduction of bottle-feeding has also affected the perception of some mothers. However, many have realized the long-term advantages of breastfeeding, and it is now recognized as an essential factor in maintaining the child’s health. Aside from the fact that breast milk contains all the nutrients needed by your child, it is also the best way to form a strong bond between mother and child.

Breastfeeding may be awkward for first-time mothers, but if you know the correct techniques, you’ll get used to it pretty soon.


1. Start breastfeeding immediately after birth.

2. Adopt a correct position so that your baby can easily latch on. Make sure that you’re also comfortable.

3. Wash your hands with soap and water before breastfeeding.

4. Always maintain eye contact with the baby.

5. Take care of your nipple and areola by avoiding soap that can cause dryness.

6. Feed your baby on demand.

7. Wear a well-fitted nursing bra that gives added support.

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