Infant "ODD" Traits

  • Newborn babies experience frequent colds because their breathing organs are still adjusting to their functions and environment.
  • Genitals may be swollen because of the maternal hormones that have passed to them. This will normalize. If the condition does not disappears, consult a pediatrician.
  • Long nails appears. They are soft and can be cut when the baby is sleep.
  • The baby is easily startled because he is sensitive to sounds, images, and touch.
  • Protruding umbilical cord. A newly cut umbilical cord looks like a wound that has to be cleansed gently with alcohol. Be careful when doing this to avoid bleeding. The stump (the remaining part of the cord which appears on the baby's stomach)
  • Crying is frequent. Crying is the only language in which a baby communicates. He cries when he's hungry, sick, or uncomfortable-in other words, when he needs care and attention.

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