Common Infant Skin Problem

Newborn infants experience many skin problems because their thin skin is still prone to allergies and various irritants. At this stage of life, the infant's skin should be well taken care of to prevent further susceptibility to infection. Some cases may require medical attention, but others ( such as those mentioned above) are a normal part of the body's development and will recede in time. There are a number of skin problems that require immediate attention because they make your bay uncomfortable.

1. Diaper Rashes - The most common skin disorder among babies. caused by prolonged wetness and contact with feces or with cloth washed with strong detergents.

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2. Infantile Acne - Results from maternal hormones and may disappear in due time. These pimple-like disorders are smaller in nature and may heal faster with the help of prescribed topical antibiotics.

3. Scaled Skin Syndrome - shedding of the outer skin characterized by bacterial infection. Application of gentle moisturizer to dry areas eases the discomfort.

4. Dry / Peeling Skin - Can result from a number of physiological and environmental factors. Extreme dryness especially on the forehead can be treated with the application of oil and lotion to prevent severe itching.

5. Atopic Dermatitis - Small itchy patches form on the skin. This is a genetically determined chronic disorder and may recur until adolescence.

6. Cradle Cap - Characterized by dry, scaly scalp. Daily washing of scalp with a mild shampoo and application of oil diminishes the dryness. The condition disappears with time.

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