1. NORMAL POSITION – head comes first, shoulders and body
  2. TRANSVERSE LIE POSITION – shoulder first, head and body follow
  3. FOOTING BREECH POSITION – Feet first, body second, shoulders and head last
  4. FRANK BREECH POSITION – Buttocks first

For positions second and last, medical practitioners may decide how you are going to deliver the baby. They know exactly what procedure should be preformed. If problems arise during labor, your doctor can help by employing any of the following means. One is the induction of oxytocin through the veins. The hormone oxytocin, which is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain, stimulates the uterus and cervix to contract. Oxytocin is normally given through a drip inserted into vein. The uterus has to contract until the placenta is spelled. The contractions you experience with oxytocin is stronger, making them more painful but speeding up your labor. Second is amniotomy.

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