What is SIDS?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
(SIDS) is a mysterious condition that worries many parents. Also known as "crib death" - the baby dies in her sleep-there is still no medical explanation for it. SIDS normally occurs during normal sleeping periods and in some healthy babies too. According to some, it may be due to hampered breathing during sleep.

Below are some suggestions to reduce the risk of SIDS:
  • Let the baby sleep on his back. Remove any materials that may affect proper breathing.
  • Prevent smoking in your home. Smoke is hazardous to the health of adults, and even more harmful to babies.
  • Breast-feeding reduces the risk of SIDS perhaps due to the protective content of mother's milk.
  • Take your baby for regular check-ups to ensure his health.

image source: www.utmedicalcenter.org

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