Breastfeeding Position

  1. CRADLE HOLD. While sitting, use pillows to raise baby to your breast level. Keep baby’s head, body and legs in a straight line. Make sure that baby’s head is higher than the rest of his body. Support baby’s head in elbow bend. Ensure that your back is properly supported while you are seated.

  1. FOOTBALL HOLD. Sit comfortably upright, placing pillows behind your back for support. Rest your baby alongside you so that his mouth is directly at your nipple. You can help him onto your breast by gently cradling his head with your hand. His body should be slightly titled toward you, supported by your arm.

  1. LYING DOWN. Lie sideways using a blanket, towel, or pillow to cushion your knees. Keep your legs and supporting stomach muscles comfortable. Your baby should also lie sideways toward your breast and close to your body. Elevate your head with a pillow to prevent neck strain and to have eye contact with your baby.

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