Handling your baby with care

Children, especially newborns, need to be held, cuddled, and caressed. A parent’s touch is an expression of love. It gives a child a sense of security and helps her grow into a confident and happy adult.

There is no truth to the belief that your baby will be spoiled if you hug and carry her frequently. In fact, according to some studies, babies who are held more cry less. All babies need the warmth and love of their parents’ arms. A single hug goes a long way in ensuring the emotional stability of your child.

It is important, though, to hold you baby with the utmost care. The muscles and bones of infants, especially in the neck area, are delicate, so make it a point to support the neck when holding your baby. Do not stretch her arms or pick her up hastily. Use both your arms to carry the baby, otherwise you might drop her. And even though throwing babies in the air seems fun, it may be very dangerous since there’s always the possibility that you might not be able to catch her. Being a parent is a huge responsibility. Recklessness, even in the simple act of holding your child, may have dire consequences that are best avoided.

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