Choosing your baby’s name

One concern of expectant mother and father is the name of their baby, Every parent would like to give his or her child a beautiful name. You can create or invent your baby’s name and nickname, or choose from thousands of names already in existence. Oftentimes before birth, parents have already prepared a list of possible names.
As a parent, your concern is not just to give your child a unique name. Remember that names are for a lifetime, so choose one that your child will comfortable with; a name that will not embarrass him when he goes to school or starts looking for a job.
If you and your partner are religious, you can choose a biblical name with a wonderful meaning, like Emmanuel for a boy (meaning “God is with us”) or Elizabeth for a girl (meaning: “
Consecrated to God”). If you’re into movies, popular culture, or history, you can combine or modify the names of your favorite actors, singers, or leaders.
It all depends on your preferences. But think and think again before giving your child a long, strange-sounding name. Take your culture and society into consideration. Definitely, you don’t want to give your child a name that your neighbors would laugh at. You also wouldn’t want a name that’s hard to spell or pronounce. And, of course, you wouldn’t want your child to have problems in school because his name, say Patrick Adams Matthew Stevens, Takes up too many lines of his pad paper. To be on the safe side, choose a classic name that your child won’t hate ( or blame you for ) when he grows up. Below is a list of interesting baby names that you can choose from. For your convenience, we have included their roots and meanings. You can make many variations and combinations!

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