Common Pregnancy Myths

Here are some amusing myths that you might have heard from old folks-and maybe even believed.
• THE “UGLY” MYTH – according to popular belief, if a pregnant woman sees something ugly or scary (such as monsters or strange creatures), her baby will look the same way.
• THE “HEARTBURN” MYTH- if a pregnant woman frequently experiences heartburn, her baby will come out with a full head of hair.
• THE “JAVA” MYTH – this is similar to the ugly myth. If the baby is born with light brown birthmarks, his mother has drunk too much coffee during her pregnancy.
• THE “CURSE” MYTH – if you deny a pregnant woman something she would like to eat, you’ll get a sty on your eye.
• THE “ROPE” MYTH – if a pregnant woman steps over a rope, the baby will choke.
• THE “GREAT SEX” MYTH – you will be brought into labor if you have passionate sex on your ninth month of pregnancy.
• THE “SPOON AND FORK” MYTH – the baby’s sex can be determined by making a pregnant woman sit on a chair with either a spoon or a fork underneath it. If she sits on the one with the fork beneath, the baby is a boy, and if she sits on the chair with the spoon, the baby is a girl. In truth, however, the baby’s sex can be determined through ultrasound.
• THE “MOODY” MYTH – if a woman has constant mood swings during her pregnancy, her baby is a girl
• THE “SHAPE” MYTH - if the pregnant woman’s belly is bullet-shaped. The baby is a boy. If the stomach is round, the baby is a girl.

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