List of Names for a baby girl


Abigail (Herbews) Father’s Joy (Bible) One of the wives of David
Adelaide (German) Noble and serene
Adeline (English) a variant of Adelaide, other forms are Adela, Adelia, Adelle
Adrienne (Greek) rich, a feminine form of Adrian, other English forms are Adriane, Adrianne
Agatha (Greek) good, kind (Literature) Agatha Christine was a British writer of more than seventy detective novels.
Agnes (Greek) pure, other forms are Agnetha, Aggie, Agna, Agnella, Agneta
Aileen (Scottish) light bearer, (Irish) a form of Helen, other forms are Aleen, Aleena, Alyana, Alynne
Barbara (Latin) stranger, foreigner
Beatrice (Latin) blessed, happy, bringer of joy
Becky (American) a familiar for of Rebecca
Belinda (Spanish) beautiful
Benita (Spanish) blessed
Bernadette (French) brave as bear, (English) feminine form of Bernard
Camilla (Italian) a form of Camille
Camille (French) young ceremonial attendant
Caprice (Italian) fanciful
Cara (Latin) dear, (Irish) friend
Carina (Greek) a familiar form of Cora, (Italian) dear little one, (Swedish) a form of Karen
Carissa (Greek) beloved
Carmela (Hebrew) garden, vineyard (Bible) Mount Carmel in Israel is often thought of as paradise
Carmen (Latin) song
Carol (German) farmer (French) song of joy, (English) strong and womanly, other forms are Carole, Carolina, Caroline, Carolyn
Daisy (English) day’s eye, (Botany) a while and yellow flower
Danica (Herbrew, French) “God is my judge”, a feminine form of Danie
Daria (Greek) wealthy, a feminine form of Darius
Dawn (English) sunrise, dawn
Debbie (Hebrew) a short form if Deborah
Eden (Hebrew) delightful, (Bible) the earthly paradise
Edith (English) rich gift
Eleanor (Greek) light, alternate form of Helen
Elisha (Hebrew) consecrated to God, other forms are Elissa, the Baptist
Emily (Latin) Flatterer, (German) Industrious
Erica (Scandinavian) ruler of all
Fatima (Arabic) daughter of the prophet, (History) the daughter of Muhammad
Fawn (French) young deer
Florence (Latin) blooming, flowery, prosperous, (History) Florence Nightingale, a british nurse, is considered the founder of modern nursing
Frances (Latin) free, a feminine form of francis
Gabrielle (French) devoted to God, a feminine form of Gabriel
Geneva (French) junifer tree, (Geography) a city in Switzerland
Giselle (German) pledge, hostage
Gladys (Latin) small sword, (Irish) princess, (welsh) form
Grace (Latin) graceful
Hana (Japanese) flower, (Arabic) happiness
Harriet (French) ruler of the household
Hazel (English) hazelnut tree
Heidi (German) a short form of Adelaide
Helen (Greek) light
Henrietta (English) ruler of the household, a feminine form of Henry
Ida (German) hardworking
Ingrid (Scandinavian) hero’s daughter, beautiful daughter
Irene (Greek) peaceful, (Mythology) the goddess of peace
Iris (Greek) rainbow and messenger of the gods
Isabel (Spanish) consecrated to God, a form of Elizabeth
Jacklyn (American) a short form of Jacqueline
Jaimee (French) an alternate form of Jaime
Jane (Hebrew) God is gracious, a feminine form of John
Janet (English) a form of Jane
Jasmine (Persian) Jasmine Flower
Jeanette (French) a form of Jean
Jennifer (Weish) white wave, white phantom
Joanna (English) a form of Joan
Joy (Latin) joyous
Kacey, Kacy (Irish) brave
Kaela (Hebrew, Arabic) beloved sweetheart
Kali (Sanskrit) energy, black goddess
Karen (Greek) pure
Karla (Also Carla), a feminine form of Charles or Carlos
Kate (Greek) pure
Kathleen (Irish) a form of Katherine
Keisha (American) a form of Aisha
Kelly (Irish) brave warrior
Kristin (Scandinavian) an alternate of Kristen
Laila (Arabic) an alternate form of Leila
Laura (Latin) crowned with laurel
Laurie (English) a form of Laura
Leah (Hebrew) weary, (bible) wife of Jacob
Lesley (Scottish) gray fortress
Leticia (Latin) Joy
Lindsey (English) linden tree island, camp near the stream
Liza (American) short form of Elizabeth
Lorna (Latin) crowned with Laurel, an alternate form of Laura
Magdalena (Greek) high tower, (bible) Magdala was the home of Mary
Marcia (Latin) martial, warlike
Margaret (Greek) pearl, another form of Marjorie
Maria (Hebrew) bitter, sea of bitterness, (Italian, Spanish) a form of Mary, (Bible) the mother of Jesus
Marlene (Greek) high tower, (Slavic) a form of Magdalena
Martha (Aramaic) lady, sorrowful
Melissa (Greek) honeybee
Michaela (Hebrew) feminine form of Michael, (Bible) “who is like God,” other form are michelle and Mikaela
Naomi (Hebrew) pleasant, beautiful, (Bible) friend of Ruth, another form is Noemi
Natalie (Latin) born on Christmas day
Nicole (French) victorious people, afeminine form of Nicholas
Noram (Latin) rule, precept
Olga (Scandinavian) holy
Olivia (Latin) Olive Tree
Ondine (Latin) little wave
Oprah (Hebrew) runaway
Pamela (Greek) honey
Paola (Italian) small, a form of Paula
Patricia (Latin) noblewoman
Phoebe (Greek) Shining
Porsche (German) a form of Portia
Quinn (German) queen
Quintana (Latin) fifth (English) queen’s lawn
Rachel (Hebrew) female sheep, (Bible) the wife of Jacob, another form of Rochelle
Rebecca (Hebrew) tied, bound, (bible) the wife of Isaac
Regina (Latin) queen, (English) King’s advisor, a feminine form of Reginald
Rhea (Greek) brook, stream, (Mythology) mother of Zeus
Rosalinda (Spanish) fair rose
Rosanna (English) combination of Rose and Anna
Ruth (Hebrew) friendship, (Bible) friend of Naomi
Sabrina (Latin) boundary line
Samantha (Aramaic) listener (Hebrew) told by God
Sarah (Hebrew) princess, (Bible) wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac
Selena (Greek) moon (Mythology) Selene was the goddess of moon
Sheila (Latin) Blind
Sheryl (French) beloved
Sophia (Greek) wise
Stephanie (Greek) crowned, a feminine of Stephen
Suzanne (English) lily, a form of Susan
Tanya (Russian, Slavic) Fairy queen
Terl (Greek) reaper
Tess (Greek) short form of Theresa
Tiffany (Greek) God’s appearance, (Latin) trinity
Tina (Spanish, American) short of Christina
Tristen (Latin) bold a feminine form of Tristan
Ulrica (German) wolf ruler, ruler of all
Urika (Omaha) useful to everyone
Urit (Hebrew) bright
Ursula (Greek) little bear
Valencia (Spanish) strong
Valera (Russian) a form of Valerie
Valerie (Latin) strong
Vanessa (Greek) butterfly
Verna (Latin) springtime
Veronica (Latin) true image
Virginia (Latin) pure
Wendi (welsh) an alternate form of Wendy
Wendy (Welsh) white, light skinned
Whitney (English) white Island
Winona (Lakota) Oldest daughter
Xaviera (Basque) owner of the new house, a feminine form of Xavier
Xenia (Greek) hospitable
Xiang (Chinese) fragrant
Yasmin (Persian) alternate of Jasmine
Yoko (Japanese) good girl
Yolanda (Greek) violet flower
Yvette (french) a familiar form of Yvonne
Yvonne (French) young archer, (Scandinavian) yew wood, bow wood
Zarcharie (hebrew) “God remembered”
Zara (Hebrew) an alternate form of sarah
Zelene (English) sunshine

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