Good manners and right conduct

All parent want their children to be accepted by society, that's why they teach what is traditionally called "good manners and right conduct". This is a very broad area that involves table manners ( for example, using spoon and fork correctly), the right way to treat older people, and proper behavior in a public place, among others.

Good manner are best taught during the crucial toddler years. At this stage, children are highly impressionable. Anything you teach them, whether good or bad (hopefully good) will stick to their minds and influence them from the rest of their lives. Although outward manners alone do not reflect a person's total character, they will help your child cope easily with the society in which they are growing up.

Bear in mind that your child's behavior, both at home and in the company of other people, will reflect on you as parent. If your child is kind, respectful, and considerate, the people around you will think that you're doing a wonderful parenting job.

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