Why a good example as a parent important?

Every child learns by example. That means your behavior is one of the most important things to consider in raising your child. Be careful that he does not see any negative behavior and attitude for he will definitely imitate it. And, as mentioned, the role of parent as a teacher last for a lifetime. You have a duty to set a good example even when your children are independent and are themselves parents.

What you can do
  1. Don't make comparisons. Its very easy to compare things, incidents and people when you are teaching your children. Don't compare your kids with other children. Every individuals has his or her own distinct qualities. (No two people, not even twins, are alike.) Each child has personal timetable to grow and learn, so don't force your child to be what he is not nor to imitate "better" children.
  2. Don't spoil your children. Over-affectionate parents misrepresent their actions by giving their kids too much. Such behavior stems from the belief that if you love your child, give her everything she wants. But that's not an effective parenting principle. If you love your child, don't give her too much so that she won't abuse you. Although you intend to provide and not to deprive, overemphasis on material things will spoil your children. Some busy parent try to compensate for their inadequate time with their kids by giving and buying almost everything the kids wish for. Isn't your time and presence more valuable than your presents? Let your children learn the hard way and reward them after accomplishing certain tasks. Show them that thing he wants is worth having if he "works" for it. Teach them to exert effort.
  3. Watch your behavior always. This is related to setting a good example. You may want to teach your child good behavior, but if you don't change your negative ways first, how can he learn from you? If you are in the habit of criticizing others, if you're hard to please, boastful, and materialistic, you child won't benefits from your teaching. No one is perfect, but if you nurture the positive aspects of your character and establish an atmosphere of love, respect and discipline in your home, then you will be a succesful parent.

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