Taking care of children during bedtime

Getting a child to bed is a challenge for any parent, especially those with hyperactive toddlers who are in the habit of playing even in the middle of the night. But sleep is necessary to regain one's energy (this applies to both children and adults). What will you do if your child can't sleep ever after you've given her a glass of warm milk? If you're too tired from work, perhaps you can hold in your arms and sing a lullaby until she falls asleep. You can also read to her a bedtime story until she drifts off to dreamland. But if stories still work, don't force your toddler to sleep. Try the following tips instead:

  1. Play, talk, or even dance with her, These activities will exhaust her and pretty soon she'll be dozing off.
  2. Give a warm bath (depending on her health condition) to relax her and make her fall asleep.
  3. Feed her a small meal or a snack. When a kid's stomach is full, she tends to become sleepy.

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