Bath Time for Baby

Have you ever know a toddler who hates to take a bath? Most toddlers love taking a bath. For them, bath time is the most enjoyable activity of the day. But not at all children have a positive attitude to bathing. In fact, even a child who loves the water may sometimes run away from it. It's really up to the mother to encourage her toddler to take a bath. In any case, here are some things to keep in mind for the safety of your child at bath time.
  1. Check the combination of hot and cold water. Extreme temperatures may harm your child's skin and health.
  2. If you have a bathtub, keep the water level low to prevent drowning.
  3. Never leave your child alone. You do not know what he may do (taste the soap, hurt his eye, slip on the tile, etc.)
  4. Start the bath early (depending on your geographical location). Toddlers can adapt to the climate in their area. Choose the time that you think your child is most comfortable with.
  5. Keep your child seated. Let him stand if necessary to clean up unreachable parts.
  6. Don't allow him to drink bath water.

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