What is balanced diet?

A balanced diet is a combination of food groups containing the essential vitamins, minerals and proper nutrients to nourish one's health. Sweets (chocolates, soft drinks, ice cream, etc.), fatty and junk foods (potato chips), and processed meats such as hotdogs (which contain nitrates that are bad for the health) are not on the list of nutritious foods.

A balanced diet for your growing baby should contain the following items, which have been determined by nutrition experts as essential to one's health:

  • FOOD RICH IN VITAMIN A should be served at least once a day. Some sources are carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and apricots.
  • FOOD RICH IN VITAMIN C provide protection from allergies and colds. Sources are guavas, tomatoes, oranges, pineapples and other citrus fruits. Avoid canned fruit with heavy syrup because it has sugar content.
  • FIBERS apples, potatoes, pears, oats bananas, and strawberries are fibrous foods that aid digestion. These should be served once a day.
  • GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES should be served several times a week.

Try to get these foods, integrate them in your diet and give them to your child several times a week and he'll grow up healthy. It's also important for parents to have good eating habits that can be passed on to their children.

Keep your child away from caffeinated beverages such as softdrinks, coffee or tea or sugar rich foods like ice cream and candies

Avoid processed foods that have a lot of salt, sugar and fat. Quickie meals, such as noodles that contain preservatives, food coloring and additives, are not healthy.

Be choosy with food because it will determine your child's physical health. Remember that growing children are attracted to sweet and processed foods. If your child gets used to having a hotdogs and a glass of coke for lunch simply because you let him, you'll never be able to raise him as a healthy (and health-conscious) individual. Establish a healthy diet and good eating habits in your family. After all, "mom knows best".

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