Safety TIPS for our baby

Keep your baby away from the following:

  1. SHARP ITEMS such as knives, construction tools, blades ets.
  2. ELECTRICAL OUTLETS. He may insert his fingers or anything into them. This could result in electrocution.
  3. MATCHES OR LIGHTERS, anything that produces fire.
  4. MEDICINE. Always keep these out of his reach to prevent swallowing.
  5. DISINFECTANTS AND POISONOUS CHEMICALS which are combustible and harmful to skin, eyes, lungs, etc.
  6. PLASTIC BAG OR CONTAINERS. He may suffocate if he gets hold of such items.
  7. HOT OR BOILING WATER. This could cause burns or blisters.
  8. APPLIANCES. Huge items can be dangerous if your baby holds on to them for support. Others may burn or cut him. Keep him far from them.
  9. STAIRWAYS. If you have stairs at home, don't let him come near them, or make a small fence that he cannot jump over.

More tips:
  • Do not leave your baby unattended
  • Cover sharp corners in your home
  • Put away hazardous chemicals such as disinfectants, soaps, fluids and other cleaning materials
  • Cover electrical outlets
  • Build fences or gates to prevent him from reaching off-limits areas
  • Keep toilet door and cabinets always closed.

Remember that the safety of a child depends on adults. Maintaining a safe and baby-friendly home is your responsibility as a parent. Keeping your environment safe for your baby would require certain adjustments but the effort that you put into it will be for the long-term welfare of your precious one.

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