Physical Changes after Birth

1.VAGINAL DISCHARGE – A certain degree of bleeding occurs after delivery. The discharge is called Lochia. It is red at first but gradually changes its color to lighter red until it becomes clear. It disappears in 4 to 6 weeks.
2.UTERINE CONTRACTIONS – A kind of a pain due to strong contractions that occurs when you’re nursing your baby because nipple stimulation releases the oxytocin hormone which causes these contractions. This is normal because after delivery, the body is returning to its normal condition, and so are uterine walls.
3.DISCOMPORT OF EPISIOTOMY – If you had an incision in your vagina, the cut may be uncomfortable for the few days leaving you always wet. Wearing sanitary pads during this time or applying prescribed ointment can soothe the pain and promote faster healing.
4.HAIR LOSS – from 3 to 6 months after birth, hair loss may occurs due to hormonal changes in your body. A mild shampoo may reduce the instance of hair loss. Do not use dye and bleaches at this time.
5.MESTRUAL PERIOD – Your menstrual period will return to normal anytime within two months after birth.
6.STRETCH MARKS – These are not permanent. Your skin will go back to normal. Recovery may be faster if you use a cream made especially to treat stretch marks.
7.URINATION – You may lose urination control after birth. To return to normal, drink plenty of fluids and do pelvic exercises

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