Is sex allowed during pregnancy? This is one of the common questions asked by couples who are expecting a baby. The nine-month period seems too long to bear. As the pregnant woman’s body adapts to the hormonal changes occurring during those months, she also has to make some adjustments in her schedule. Sex is oftentimes set aside due to these adjustment and perhaps also due to the fear of hurting the baby inside. However, there is no truth to the popular belief that sex during pregnancy is harmful to the fetus. In fact, sex is even more important as it strengthens the emotional bond between the couple. Orgasm is also good for your body as it exercises the uterine muscles, which you will be using when you finally give birth. During pregnancy, many parts of the woman’s body-including the breasts, nipples and genital areas-become very sensitive. All the sexual organs become more easily aroused than before pregnancy occurred. Aside from those factors, another advantage of sex during pregnancy is that there is no need to use contraceptives or birth control methods. However in some women, there may be a loss of libido (sexual excitement) due to feelings of sickness and tiredness. Because of increased hormonal activity particularly during the first trimester, some pregnant women may lack interest in making love.


  1. Harming the fetus – Some couples are afraid to engage in sex believing that they will hurt the fetus and infect the passage. Intercourse does not infect, harm nor crush the baby because it is protected by a closed cervix and is by a bag of amniotic fluid.
  2. Miscarriage may occur – Some women also fear that having sex during pregnancy would result in a miscarriage. Such fear is unfounded, unless your pregnancy is sensitive and your doctor has advice you to refrain from sexual activity for some time. Once the baby is firmly attached to the uterus, and as long as sex is not too strenuous, there is no cause for a miscarriage.
  3. Guilt – Some couples think that their increased sex drive can cause their future child to have abnormal behavior. They fear that such abnormality would be a punishment for their sexual activity. There is no scientific proof for this, and such fears probably stem simply from superstition
  4. Third Party – Some couples feel awkward to have sex during pregnancy because they feel as if the fetus was watching. Suck anxiety could be eased by thinking that the baby is unaware of what you’re doing even though it may react to the mother’s movement.
  5. Bleeding may occur – During pregnancy; the cervix (the entrance to the uterus) is softer than usual and is sensitive to pressure. That’s why in the first three months of pregnancy, bleeding may occur if deep thrusting reaches the cervix. To avoid bleeding, shallow penetration is suggested during sex. If bleeding occurs, consult your physician because there might be problems that could put your pregnancy at risk.

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