Changing body image affects your view of sex

Physical appearance may have s strong impact on the mindset of a pregnant woman. Once you discover that you are pregnant, you gradually see the changes in your body, especially your shape. When you look at your reflection in the mirror, you see a different you. At first it may difficult for you to accept your new image. Thus, you may lose confidence in yourself and you’ll doubt your capacity to attract your partner. Because you’re gaining weight and the shape of your body is changing, you may feel that you are no longer sexually attractive. The thought of being unattractive results in poor self-esteem. Many women have been conditioned to think that if they are fat, then they are disgusting. The added weight due to your pregnancy may sometimes make you feel undesirable; therefore you have the irrational fear of being left by your partner. This makes you desperate to please your partner. But you really have no reason to worry. Getting rid of negative thoughts and being optimistic instead will reduce your anxiety. Always appreciate the beauty in you even if you don’t fit into your favorite slinky dress. Don’t worry, this state is temporary. After you’ve given birth, you can regain your old figure if you have the discipline to do regular exercises and maintain a strict diet. For now, remember that you will become a mother. That makes you beautiful in your own way. And even if you feel unattractive, your probably partner loves you more because you’re carrying his child. So when you look at your reflection in the mirror, don’t feel guilty or anxious. Look at your full figure not as a problem but as a blessing because it reflects motherhood, the most wonderful gift you can receive in your whole life.

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