Value of Discipline

The idea behind discipline is to teach children to do what is right and not to do what is wrong. Discipline is related to the concepts of reward and punishment. Discipline involves certain rules meant to be followed by the child. However, it also involves certain limitations on the part of the parent. No parent would want to raise a spoiled brat, and certainly all parents have the duty to discipline their children. However, no parent has the right to deal unnecessary punishment such as beating. Otherwise that’s not discipline anymore-that’s abuse.

Since children have limited minds, they do not have a full grasp of discipline yet. They usually don’t see the importance of “rules” and even if you tell them over and over not to scatter their toys, they will not follow. That’s the nature of children. In that case, patience on the part of the parent is very important. Some children actually resent being told what to do. When a certain degree of “conflict” arises between parent and child, the latter usually reacts by crying and the parent is left confused and frustrated. When such a situation arises, what are you supposed to do?


Babies and toddlers are easily distracted by things around them. Their attention is constantly shifting and their minds easily focus on things that are attractive to their eyes. You can distract your crying toddlers simply by handing him a unique item or a favorite toy, or you could take him out of the house to look at some beautiful plants or cute puppies. Once his attention is on something else, he will instantly stop crying.


Explain to your child why you are setting certain rules. Tell him that those rules are for his own good. Sometimes, the more you console your toddlers, the more he cries. He may simply be trying to flush out his hurt feelings. Holding, hugging and kissing will ease his pain, and he will sense that you still love him no matter what.


Toddlers will cry more if they sense that you are annoyed by their crying. And if they are really mad, they will cry their lungs out. At that point, you may want to spank him. Control your feelings. Ignore him by leaving him or sending him out. If he notices that his crying has no effect on you, he will see that there’s no point in throwing a fit. Of course, he will stop crying when he’s tired.

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