The importance of responsibility

Even at an early stage in your child’s life, you can already teach her to be responsible. Acting within one’s power and limitations is what responsibility is all about.

Teach you child that she’s accountable for certain things no matter how small they are. Of course, a two year-old cannot do household chores, but teaching her to be responsible to simple “commands” such as picking up crayons and sheet of paper, throwing small bit into the waste basket, or handling a toy to you – will make her understand the meaning of responsibility.

As your child gets older, assign some simple task to her. Let her tie his shoelaces, make her bed, brush her teeth before bedtime, and collect scattered things in her room. Once she gets used to doing those tasks, she will think of them as her responsibility. Always compliment your child for every accomplished task. If she knows that her efforts are appreciated she will keep up the good work.

Responsibility always starts in the home. If you find it hard to teach your child responsibility, sit down and work with her. You can do house chores together. She can observe your work and you do the tasks that are manageable for her age. Keep in mind, though, that a toddler has limited mental capacities. The instructions that you give now may be forgotten in a few minutes, so you have to repeat things until your child gets accustomed to them. But your child is worth all that effort. In the future, the fruits of your labor will be apparent in your child’s relationship with the family and the community. By teaching your child to be responsible, you’re developing a valuable member of society. Responsibility begins at home.

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