Shifting To The Bottle

After breastfeeding her baby for several months, a mother may opt to shift to formula and bottle-feeding, This is convenient especially for mothers who have returned to work and is out of the house at daytime.

Even through breastfeeding is more natural and advantageous, it’s perfectly alright to bottle-feed your baby and use infant formula. You don’t have to feel guilty about it because your baby can still be as healthy as his breast-fed peers. After all, most brands of milk in the market today contain medically-tested and approved nutrients.

Bottles are available anywhere. You have many good brands to choose from, and of course you’re free to pick the size, shape, and color. You may buy bottles with interesting pictures on them so that feeding time can be fun for your baby. Once you start shopping for your baby you’ll also know what kind of feeding bottle is best for him.

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