Bonding with your baby

Bonding is about establishing a certain line of behavior that attaches you to your newborn. Early bonding allows you to be close to him and share the intimate moments that are unique to an infant and its mother. Bonding is an essential way to start your new relationship and to nurture your infant. Bonding should be started right after birth so that the baby will become more responsive to your touch, smell, and the sound of your voice. Research shows that mother who are allowed to hold their babies right after birth are more sympathetic, reasonable, and responsive than those whose babies are immediately taken away from them.
Even though bonding with the infant is instinctive to mothers, it is also important to fathers. That’s why the attention of your partner is vital during the first few days after birth. As the father, he also has to establish a bond with the infant and give the new member of your family a sense of security and belonging. Both mother and father must help the infant adapt to his new surroundings.
Another advantage of early bonding is that it will help you recover from the stress of childbirth faster. As you become better acquainted with your infant, your health will improve and everything will gradually return to normal. In fact, most mothers say that holding and cuddling their babies after birth immediately removes their exhaustion from delivery.

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