The physical changes that occur with pregnancy will have a tremendous impact on your emotional condition. You may feel overwhelmed by your different lifestyle and the demands of starting a family. However, you can cope with these emotional changes if early on in your pregnancy, you know what to expect from motherhood. Surely there will be a lot of adjustment to make. You and your partner will bear a great responsibility not only for nine months but for the rest of your lives. That’s why the best thing to do is to gradually prepare as the birth of your baby approaches.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. COPING WITH ANXIETY - As a prospective mother, you are bound to have worries and anxieties. Fear of an unsuccessful delivery, possible abnormalities of your baby, and your own readiness as a parent may contribute to a feeling of helplessness. These feeling are normal for the most pregnant women. At the latter stage of your pregnancy, when the baby is about to be born, the level of anxiety may increase along with the level of excitement. You can reduce your anxiety simply by thinking pleasant thoughts: about how beautiful your baby will be and how you will do your best to be a good parent. Think positive; everything will be fine.

2. CHANGING YOUR IMAGE – When you were still single, you were always concerned about your looks, the image you presented to the outside world. But the experience of motherhood changes that pregnancy could make you feel insecure about your looks. Moreover you may see yourself as an unattractive complement to your partner. You may fear that you have lost your sex appeal, and that your partner is no longer interested in you. But you can overcome your physical insecurities simply by focusing on the positive things. Appreciate the fullness of your body and breasts. Believe that the opportunity to bear a child is actually a sexy thing. A lot of people will tell you that a pregnant woman is beautiful in her own way. And remember that beauty is also a state of mind: you just have to think that pregnancy is a wonderful gift. Some thing that enhances rather than diminishes your appearance.

3. CHANGING YOUR ROLE – Obviously, being a single is different from being married. Being a mother is also different from being a wife. The modern woman understands all these roles. Being a wife, mother, and career woman involves considerable demands. You’re no longer just taking care of yourself; you have a family to look after. Sometimes you’ll have to put their needs ahead of yours. But take heart because juggling several roles, although stressful, can also be fulfilling. Instead of viewing your multiple roles as a heavy burden, you can enjoy your multi-faceted life by managing your time efficiently and by enlisting the support of your partner and family. The joys of being a wife and a mother make you unique and your situation special. Of course there are problems, but you will not be facing them alone. Your husband and child are at your side. Think of all your roles as opportunities to maximize your potential as a person and to strengthen your relationship with your partner and family. The pressures of family like will serve as a test of loyalty and devotion for you and your husband. The key to a successful family life is setting realistic expectations and being tolerant of different people and situations. A shared positive outlook as well as good communication will strengthen the marital bond. Take comfort in the fact that pregnancy tends to bring couples even closer together. It is not only you who’s coping with a new role; your husband is too. Fatherhood changes a man. It inspires him, makes him more loving and understanding. This enables both of you to strengthen the foundation of your family.

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